Sunday, June 16, 2013

Alive The Final Evolution

What would you choose? To evolve or die?

Devil Survivor 2, Sousei no Gargantia and even Attack on Titans are bringing a similar question this season. In Devil Survivor it may not be as obvious as Gargantia or Attack on Titans, but in some ways it dooes bring the questions of what are you willing to risk to stay alive and ultimately is Evolution the final frontier?
A lot of mangas and animes go around apocaliptic settings, the end of the world and humanity extinction, but very few are actually able to pull it off. The majority of the time is because the story is compelling and in many ways it argues the very premise of humanity. What make us humans, and how far are we willing to go to survive.
In the case of Alive, is really basic you have two choice to live and adapt, or to give up and die. I read this manga years ago, and it quickly became one of my favorite ones of all times. I find it amusing and really appealing. The graphics are amazing and the author Kawashima Tadashi-sensei was really insperational. He finished the story, while battlling liver cancer. He diedfew months after the manga was done, but no one can deny he gave it his best to the very end.
It was really unfortunate that Gonzo was unable to make this manga an anime. It was first supposed to be reales on fall 2008 but then it got push until the project was cancelled. Quite ashame really. It's been a while  since the manga ended, but the reason I brought it up is because yesterday was Kawashima - Sensei death anniversary. Time does fly fast is been 3 years already.
Alive was a great manga, the drawings are beautiful and the story tackles a lot of humanity issues. Kawashima-sensei was a real master, and hopefully he will be remember.

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