Monday, June 10, 2013

Hourou Musuko Ch. 121

Tatsuki-kun finally realize she loves Nitorin!!!!
How cute!!!

"My heart, laid bare"
This chapter pretty much starts with Nitorin asking Ebina-san if he regrets his life choices. Of course he says no, he doesn't regret having gotten married or even have had a kid. Eventhough he is scare what his daughter will think of him when she grows up and discover he wants to be a woman.
This chapter pretty much follows Tatsuki as she realize she has feelings for Nitorin. She even confessed such feelings, but he is with Anna right now and as I understood he even had sex with Anna already. It's a bit confusing because I'm not quite sure what is really in Nitorin's mind. He does really wants to be a girl, but he does not necessarly likes guys. I do wonder though if the other guy Do-kun or something I always forgets his name has a crush on Nitorin. He used to make fun of him, but now it feels like he wants to Nitorin to notice him... mmm
Who knows? who knows what Nitoring really thinks? one thing is fir sure he is now 18 years old and got a job at one of Yuki's friends bar. Maybe he will really drop school.

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