Thursday, June 27, 2013

Deadman Wonderland Ch.57

Way to do a 180 turn!

With only one chapter left, I do not know what else can we expect. I have loved the manga since its beginning, and it's quite dissapointing knowing its all coming to an end in a month or so.
I hope we don't get an open ending because there is no way it's going to have a sequel. Kataoka Jinsei sensei is battleting to bring it to an end in a glorious way; however this chapter didn't work for me.
I think because the battle between Ganta and Shiho has been build up since the very premise of the manga and it all concluded quite fast and in such a weird way. This chapter only had 16 pages so it came a little bit short.
I can't wait for the last chapter, still a bit worried of whats to come.

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