Time Capsule

A Blast From The Past!
I was a 90's kid, so looking back I realize how many things have change. Things that I used to think were so futuristic and new and exciting are now just classic or old, but still they hold a nostalgic feeling in my heart.
Anime have always been a part of me. Since I was a kid I been watching them, of course back then I used to think they were regular cartoons, not animes. I remeber watching with my sister and friends Dragon Ball, Gundam, Yu Yu Hakusho and Evangelion (My favorite of all times). I also watched my dose of classic shoujo with Kare Kano, Card Captor Sakura and even Sailor Moon. My best friend and I used to even pretend we were capturing the clow cards or that we were part of the sailor moon team.
Awww such good times...
Of course video games were important!!! Who can forget super nintendo or the first play station. What about Sega Saturn or the Game Cube. They are classics now but when they came on they were top of the line. The 1st Xbox and The Playstation 2 were so advance and so cool.
But what I liked the most was the portable games. The first game boy, the game boy pocket and even the game boy color... I carried the everywhere. The Game Gear which was so bg but was a portable Tv was always on my backpack.
The graphics were not even pretty but everyone had a blast.