Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The future of gaming

Whether you believe it or not a new gaming console is here and that is Ouya the hackable console
Ouya is taking the gaming world by surprise. Today amazon started selling this console and by the end of the day they ran out of the product. No wonder, since it only cost $99 and is free to try, free to love and absolutely free to brag about.
The thing about Ouya is that you can try any game for free before you buy it, and with a vast amount of titles ,that's really awesome and comes pretty handy. They have from classics to modern ones, from action adventure to RPGs and arcade games. Moreover, this consoles has actually already make history; it has been the biggest funding gadget in the history of kickstarter.
The only problem with ouya is that is an open platform where anybody can build games, and consequentelly can modify others as well. ROMS (which are the gaming files) wonder into some tricky legal territory. It doesn't mean Ouya is illegal since is only an emulator but some big gaming companies are not happy with it.
I wonder what will Ouyas future be, now competing with the upcoming new consoles. I'm going to try, because I want to see how this android based console actually works.


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