Sunday, June 9, 2013



The New Dream High, only a bit better.

I really loved Dream High, specially the chemistry between Suzy and
Kim So Hyun, but I think I just love Monstar a little bit more.
Mnet bring us a new serie about music, and finding new dreams, friendships and of course Love.
Newbie star Han Yun Soo is Min Se Yin, a girl who lived for 5 years in New Zealand because some kind of mess up things happened, and she lost her voice. Apparently she comes back to Korea for an unkwon reason yet, but singing may be a possible explanation.
The story pretty much revolves around her and fictional idol group Men In Black singer Yoon Sul Chan (Yong Joon Hyung from BEAST/B2ST).
It seems like a cliche story boy likes girl, girl doesnt like boy, but who knows maybe with time she will.
I belive Mostar has a lot of raw potential to be an awesome drama, even better than dream high.
Even the cast is pretty much new faces, not so many idols and thats what makes it super intersting.

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