Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Xbox One vs. PS4

If you had ask me yesterday I will have gone with the PlayStation 4 simply because they didn't have as much restrictions as the Xbox One, but since Microsoft reseted some policies about sharing games and internet use, I'm not sure which I like more.

Today Microsoft Issued an statement about shifting their policies due to some consumer feedbacks they got.  It pretty much said that no internet connection is necessary to actually play games in your console and that used games can still be purchased and used without a problem. Sadly the Xbox is still going to be $100 more than the PS4, which is actually a big shock.
I may be bias towards the Xbox, since I'm a big fan of Gears of War and a bunch of kinect games, but that does not mean I dislike playstation. Honestly the PS has always have better motion graphics, and the social features are way much cooler. Besides you don't have to pay extra to play online.
I can write pros and cons for both consoles, but the thruth is PS fan will most likely get the Playstation 4, and Xbox fan will most likely get the Xbox One. In my case I need to save becuase I'll probably get both, but not this year since I need to wait and see how well they do for a couple of months.
And one more time the Wii-U is not on the race.
Which one will choose? Xbox or PlayStation? Microsoft or Sony?
Whicheve you choose is up to you, but I don't think is going to be easy.

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