Thursday, June 20, 2013

Weekly Shonen Jump

What will Shonen Jump future be?

For a while now we all have know that two of the three greatest pillar of weekly shonen jump magazine are coming to an end, if not by then end of this year, then by early next. Naruto and Bleach have both enter their final arcs. Both mangas have been published for over 10 years (Naruto since 1999 and Bleach since 2001).
I been a follower from both since their debut, so it will be an understatement to say I grew up with them. I honestly thought about dropping them, but never could bring myself to do it. It's just there were so many downs and little up we had with each chapter. Still, now that they are coming to an end, I can't stop feeling a bit melancholic.
I do wonder though with both mangas ending how will shonen jump be affected. Of course One piece will continue and there are other great and popular mangas still running on the magazine, but still not as popular as bleach and naruto are. I wonder if a new manga will come along, and take the manga universe by surprise or who knows, maybe one of the running titles will fill the void.

Oh I also forgot to mention Sket Dance is ending next week, in chapter 287. I'm really going to miss it. Maybe it was not the most popular manga, but it gave me some seerious laughs.

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