Sunday, June 9, 2013

Red Data Girl END

Finally it all comes to an end

So, today I finish watching RGD!!!! Evethough I swore myself i would drop this anime since episode 2, somehow I never did. It wasn't because of the story but because I felt it had so much potential to be great. The animation was there, the mystery was there, but the characters always felt kind of flat. I was never able to like Izumiko, and Miyuki was all over the place for me. One minute he was mean, then nice, then idk how to describe it. Also I had a big problem with the pacing. I know 12 episodes is not a lot to tell a compelling stoy , and P.A works did miracles to make each episode work in its own way. I just wish it had been able to give a conclusion instead of an open ending. I just wish some characters were better developed, and some other relationships were explored, but since thats not possible anymore I guess ill check the novel to see what I miss.
One last thing I Love P.A works Animation but since Tari Tari I kind of feel like they are not giving emotions in their animes.
True Tears, Another, even Hanasaku Iroha where able to show a compelling story and some emotiongs... Maybe is just me and I'm over analyzing the stories...

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