Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer 2013 check-in

A new season is coming up and so new anime titles.

Some brand new, some sequels, but one thing is for sure it seems like we are here for a thrilling ride.
I really don't have a diverse taste for anime. I like specific genres with specific things. For me if its a good story, it has good animation, and well develop characters, Im sold.
One thing is for sure this season is quite diverse and has a little something for everyone.
Lets start with some sequels!
Kuroko no Basket got a second season and I think is going to be all about the winter cup. I'm quite excited because I don't usually like sports anime but I did love this shonen one.
Also Tamayura is coming back... Why? I'm not sure. I found the story a bit boring so Im not looking forward to it.
Ro-Kyu-Bu SS got a sequel as well... but Im not planning to check it out...
Rozen Maiden and Sailor Moon are back and honestly are the ones i been looking forward the most. Studios Deen is in charge of the animation for Rozen Maiden so I'm not worried about it. I remember being a kid and watching this animes way back in early 2000's... So it just bring a nostalgic feeling to me...
Hakkenden, Kami Nomi zo shiru sekai and Kingdom 2 are back too, but honestly only one of them i'll probably watch and just a hint is the least popular one of them.
I know there are probably more sequels... ummm but I can't remember all...
Moving On New titles and brand new stories are coming up...
From my favorite studio Kyoto Animation a new anime is coming these season. Free a story about a all male swimming team. So far only 2 female character have been introduce and the rest are eye candy guys!!!
Kamisama no Inai Nichiyobi based on a light novel and produced by Madhouse, this anime premise is if not my first choice one of the ones I'm looking forward the most. It just has a good story. The fantasy is set 15 years after humans stopped being born and the dead stopped dying, since the world was abandoned by God. How intersting is that.
Oh yeah I almost forgot Blood Lad manga got an anime and is by Brain's Base... the ones that brought bacanno, tonari no kaibutsu, and innocent venus... Yay!!!

Finally here is a sneak look at the uncoming movies...

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